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Political corruption, illicit trysts, a schoolboy's rape, a hired thug and the unexpected arrival of a wartime lover spell trouble on the Fort Myers waterfront. Mackle's fourth Caloosa Club Mystery is an elegant, fast-moving tale of subtropical mischief and premeditated murder. 

Sunset Island

A hurricane sets in motion a turnover of hotel staff, sensual and sordid seductions, brutal assaults, the discovery of looted art from Holocaust victims and, of course, murder. Third in the Caloosa Club mysteries series. 

Welcome Home, Captain Harding

After eighteen terrifying monthis in Vietnam, Captain Joe Harding returns to California.

Only Make Believe

A sequel to "It Takes Two," set in Fort Myers, Florida, about two years after the conclusion of the earlier tale.

Captain Harding and His Men

Continuing the adventures and misadventures begun in Elliott Mackle's award-winning "Captain Harding's Six-Day War." Published June 1, 2012.

Captain Harding's Six-Day War

When a loose-cannon colonel at remote Wheelus Air Base, Libya attacks an Arab warship during the run-up to the 1967 war, handsome, hard-charging Captain Joe Harding must come out to his closest, straightest buddies in order to bring the pilots and their airplanes safely home. Joe Harding's story–his battles and his love scenes–hums with muscular poetry and sizzles with sweaty, well-earned passion.

Hot off the Presses: A Novel

Crusading gay-newsweekly editor Henry Thompson faces a series of ethical conflicts: Should he report or ignore the misbehavior of Olympic athletes, A-list socialites, public figures and corrupt politicians who happen to be either close friends, former lovers or powerful enough to get him fired?

It Takes Two: A Novel

February, 1949. Fort Myers, Florida. It started out to be such a nice day. But early morning gunfire at the Royal Plaza Motor Hotel changed all that. One white man is dead. One black man is dead. The widow of the white man has just crashed the investigation, and is waving a gun around. Barely escaping the shot that blows the window out of the car in which he is sitting is Dan Ewing, who isn't even supposed to be there. Saving his bacon is police detective Bud Wright. Bud and Dan are more than fishing buddies, but no one can know that. And their secret is just one of many in this small town.

All works available in print and digital formats.