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Hot off the Presses: A Novel

Journalist Elliott Mackle's behind-the-headlines scoop on the racial and sexual politics that affected the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta.



"This is the way gay novels used to be written: big, smart, sexy, funny—with important themes, great characters, and the tainted heart of a big city at its core."

—Felice Picano

“Homophobia in both the black and the jock communities is addressed; so too is the sometimes vexing question of how the queer press ought to cover the queer community's own foibles and failings. Mackle tackles these topics with a delicious mix of wisdom and wit—and with titillating dashes of sex and romance.”

—Richard Labonte, Book Marks

“Mackle, a career journalist who actually covered the 1996 Olympics for an Atlanta newspaper, constructs an engaging, well-written story which shows the very real conflicts that can exist in what others would likely consider a ‘fun’ job. Significant erotic content, but it doesn't detract from the compelling story being told. I give this a full five stars out of five.”

—Bob Lind, Echo Magazine